GET api/Events/FutureEvents/{id}

Returns future events for all or the selected eventplan

GET api/Events/PastEvents/{id}

Returns past events for all or the selected eventplan

GET api/Events/{id}

Get single event

GET api/Events/{id}?eventKey={eventKey}

No documentation available.

GET api/Events/EventParticipant/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/Events/SignUp

No documentation available.

POST api/Events/CancelSignUp

No documentation available.


GET api/EventWebsites/ClubDetails

No documentation available.

GET api/EventWebsites/CourseDescriptionsSimple

No documentation available.

GET api/EventWebsites/EventPlansSimple

No documentation available.

GET api/EventWebsites/SearchEvents/{id}

No documentation available.

GET api/EventWebsites/{id}

No documentation available.


Newslist contains a collection of newsentries

GET api/NewsLists/{id}/Newsentries

Get all newsentries on a newslist

GET api/NewsLists/GetNewsByTagId/{id}/{tagname}

Get news by tag in

GET api/NewsLists/GetArchive/{id}/{key}

Returns newsentries for a specifik month

GET api/NewsLists

Get all newslists types


POST api/DSvU/StudentLogs

No documentation available.


Members controller summary

GET api/Members/{id}/Memberships

Get all memberships of the member

GET api/Members/{id}

Get member by id

GET api/Members

Get all members

POST api/Members

Create member

PUT api/Members

Update member


GET api/News/Get

No documentation available.

GET api/News/GetRecords/{id}

No documentation available.

GET api/News/Get/{id}

No documentation available.

GET api/News/GetByTag/{tagName}

No documentation available.

GET api/News/GetArchiveItems

No documentation available.

GET api/News/GetByArchiveKey/{archiveKey}

No documentation available.

GET api/News/GetTags

No documentation available.


EventPlans endpoint

GET api/EventPlans/{id}

Get EventPlan

GET api/EventPlans/GetByEvent/{id}

Get Eventplan by EventId. The EventPlan.FeaturedEvent will be initialized by the id in the request

GET api/EventPlans/{id}/Events?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}

No documentation available.

GET api/EventPlans

Get all EventPlans


GET api/Clubs/Details

No documentation available.


Members are related to the club by memberships. The member can have one "Membership" for each "MemberType" in the club.

POST api/Memberships/Resign

When a member leaves the club, you need call this method with the date the member resigns and an optional message/reason. It is not possible to delete memberships because the duration of the membership is used in other parts of the system.

POST api/Memberships

Create membership

PUT api/Memberships

Update membership


GET api/TicketVouchers/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/TicketVouchers/SignUp

No documentation available.


This endpoint is used by our own "Website component" to create the standard website. The Website component contains different website specific items, but it is also integrated with other components ie. news and events. If you have the website component, and want to take full control of the design of your website you can do it by accessing the website data thorugh this endpoint. This is also a great feature if you have an existing website and want to integrate data from into that website.

GET api/Websites/GetEventsPlansLists/{id}

Returns events for all EventPlans connected to the website. The events are seperated into lists, making it easier to display them in the website.

GET api/Websites/GetGalleries/{id}

Galleries are a collection of images and texts about the images

GET api/Websites/GetGallery/{id}

Get CMS Gallery

GET api/Websites/GetNews/{id}/{newsEntryId}

Gets a WebsiteNewsList object

GET api/Websites/Faqs

No documentation available.

GET api/Websites/Slides/{id}

No documentation available.

GET api/Websites/ContactPersons

No documentation available.

GET api/Websites

Get all websites

GET api/Websites/{id}

The websites endpoint returns the basic information for the website, ie. menu etc. In addition it returns a summary of related objects like next event and and the latest news. Details about the related objects are available on the endpoints for these objects. The API Key used for the website has "Read" permission to all related objects.


GET api/Conferences

No documentation available.

GET api/Conferences/{id}

No documentation available.


Membertypes are primarily used in relation to the amount the member pays to be a part of the club. For at yachtclub this could for instance be "Members with a boat", "Members without a boat", "Crew" etc.

GET api/MemberTypes

Get all member types


GET api/MemberLogins

No documentation available.

GET api/MemberLogins/{id}

No documentation available.


Summary for Boards

GET api/Boards

Get all boards (only boards with the flag "Include in API" will be included).

GET api/Boards/{id}

Get board